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Research shows mood sharing improves mental health. We just make it more fun.


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MIXL's TM are multimedia playlists generated just for your mood.
Share them with friends to connect and vibe together.

“As a singer-songwriter, I love sharing music  personally with my fans. Let’s Glo makes it easy! It is so artist friendly...fast, and a great way to build more valuable connections with my fans.”

Lanita Smith
Song Writer | Recording Artist | Musician


multimedia just for you

Your Mood, Your Media, Your Way

Create connections to match your emotions, preferences and style.

With Let’s Glo, it’s all about sharing a slice of your life, from the melody echoing your mood to the art that expresses your style.

“Using Let’s Glo feels like jamming with the Grateful Dead. It unlocks pure creativity and lets me focus on art.”

Todd Gray
Contemporary POP ARTIST
#Soul Tune Sundays x TIHANE

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